Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Get Started - Intro

  • 2

    There are enough pieces of the pie for all of us - week two

    • The pieces of the pie

    • The Pepsi to my Coke

    • The Good, the bad and the next level idea

    • You're my type on paper

    • But I'm built different

    • Superhero origin stories for the beginner

    • Workbook 2 Zams Hive Side Hustle SA

  • 3

    As boring as making money

    • As boring as making money

    • Check my flow

    • I can show you the world

    • Store under construction

    • Setting up shop

    • Workbook 3

  • 4

    Lead with value

    • Features and benefits

    • Let it flow

    • The inner circle of your success

    • Tried and Tested

    • What I bring tot he table


Course Creator and CEO of Zam's Hive

Zamile Mzizi

I have always wanted to be my own boss. Imagine me, with my boss lady high heels and the freedom to give my children a dream lifestyle! Month-to-month budget? Not for me, thanks. So, I decided to give this entrepreneurship thing a go! Imagine my frustration at all the risks and financial losses I incurred in what turned out to be a lonely and complex journey I was ill-equipped to handle. All the courses, books and internet resources I applied myself to were either too advanced, too expensive or just not living up to the promises that they made. I just knew that there had to be a more practical and achievable way to reach my dream. I went back into formal employment and enjoyed the financial security of a steady pay check. With the element of stress and instability removed, I applied all my previous failures and experiences to successfully launch five Side Hustles over the course of five years. I did it all while raising a family and working full-time. I developed a desire to help people to achieve the fulfilment and success I had made of myself by reducing the element of risk, confusion and expense that went with a typical entrepreneurial journey. This is how my Zam’s Hive Side Hustle course was born. I have shared with hundreds of young women and men, the steps that I applied over the years in order to realize my dream – in the fraction of the time it took me to get here. I am confident that if you have the desire, the dream and are willing to apply yourself, my Zam’s Hive Side Hustle Hive will get you the moneymaking idea you have been looking for. Don’t Quit my sister – start a side hustle!

What you will achieve on this course

  • A real live side hustle in 21 days

    A fully-fledged side hustle that is validated by one real paying customer. I will take your desire to start a hustle, help you identify and develop a moneymaking idea, help you launch it to the right people at the right time, and you will validate it with one paying customer!

  • Profitable network

    An organic network of people that are directly influencing the success of your hustle

  • Competence

    Confidence and competency in yourself as a person, your knowledge and your hustling abilities

What's included

As THE Serial Side Hustle queen, I will strategically guide you through the process of starting your own moneymaking side hustle in just 21 days.

  • Five theory and practical progression modules designed to help you build your hustle

  • Downloadable workbooks per module

  • Engaging, straight to the point video tutorials that give the full explainers of the 'HOW' to start your hustle, personally recorded by myself from a live class with REAL students who have been on the course

  • Step by step instructions on building your money-making idea

  • Instant and free access to our WhatsApp community where you have active access directly to me for engagement on your journey

  • One Live zoom class to directly address your side hustle needs and enhance course

Who should sign up

People looking to bridge the gap between their current finances and their needs or wants * Would-be business owners who wish to test the waters before committing fully to a fully-fledged business that comes with capital costs * Working individuals who do not want to risk their financial security by quitting their jobs for full-time entrepreneurship *Someone with a boss lady way of thinking but is not sure what kind of business idea to pursue
Learn from anywhere in your own free time

Social proof: testimonials

This course was a game changer for me

Andronica Mapogoshe, candidate attorney

TThe Side Hustle SA course was a game changer for me. Within the short space of a few weeks Zamile had not only helped me to formulate a well-polished business idea but she actually helped me to set it up into an operating, functional and profitable Side Hustle. The course content is easy to understand and doesn't require any prior training or experience in business. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who has a side hustle and wants to know how to make it better or even anyone who just needs an extra income and doesn't know how to go about starting their own business. Zamile is extremely helpful and will guide you every step of the way. You will leave the course with all the knowledge, confidence and validation that you need to successfully start and run your side hustle.

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